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Based conveniently in Midrand, Gauteng, ErgoFocus offers various ergonomic services for the office and industry, performed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE).

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Instead of lost work days and high medical expenses due to compensation claims, it is more cost effective to implement ergonomics and ergonomic equipment, as it increases an employee’s 'comfort'. A 'comfortable' employee is less likely to fatigue, thus his/her productivity will increase. Office ergonomics in Johannesburg offered by ErgoFocus will ensure that appropriate equipment is installed in your office.

  • Quantified Risk Assessments provide easy and clear feedback to management.
  • Using ergonomic software, a comprehensive assessment on the individual, or on the entire office can be conducted quickly and reliably.
  • Possible Solutions and appropriate supplier sources are provided to enable a company to implement solutions or control current risks quickly and effectively.

Main outcomes will be:

  • Clear identification of risks and risk factors contributing to the risk.
  • Provision of practical solutions to solve each risk area and showing an estimated quantified reduction after implementing solutions.
  • Provision of a list showing area’s of concern to enable management to tackle the highest priorities first.
  • A company wide recommendation to increase ergonomic compliance based on the data obtained.

The following services are offered:

How good is one’s productivity when suffering from a headache at work?


‘Esmeralda carried out an ergonomic assessment of our office furniture and all our staff. She presented first on why ergonomics is important in an office environment. It was very informative and Esmeralda really demonstrated her excellent skills in this area’ Marloes Reinink, Owner – Solid Green Consulting
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Core Services...

Industrial Ergonomics


The clear identification of risks and providing practical solutions to solve each risk area and showing an estimated quantified reduction after implementing the suggested...

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Office Ergonomics


Implementing ergonomics and ergonomic equipment increases an employee’s “comfort which in turn leads to a more productive and...”

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Wellness Management


ErgoFocus can tailor various ergonomic programs to include in your company’s wellness days that can consist of a combination of the following...

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Training Ergonomics


An ergonomic program’s success is predicated on an organisation’s ability to transfer knowledge to it's employees. We pride ourselves on our ability to...

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Fatigue Management


Fatigued workers don’t perform as well, are less productive, and are more likely to have accidents and injuries. Fatigue affects the ability to think clearly.

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