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Based conveniently in Midrand, Gauteng, ErgoFocus offers various ergonomic services for the office and industry, performed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE).


manjobIncorporating ergonomics into Occupational Risk and Exposure Profiles (OREPS) has the following advantages:

    • Science based specifications.
    • Earlier detection of WMSD's (work related musculo skeletal disorders).
    • Medical management can be improved by incorporating more specific and accurate information.
    • Better pre-employment screenings, thus preventing hiring staff that will need to be re-assigned/ re-schooled later on.
    • Training can be improved by targeting subjects that actually match the demands of the job.
    • Improved identification of potential rotational jobs to relieve "heavy duties" with proven "lighter duties"




"Jobs that seem to be ‘light duty’ may not be as ‘light’ as one perceives."



ErgoFocus (Pty) Ltd. can easily specify man-job specifications from the data derived from the ergonomic risk assessments, providing more detailed information, benefitting the supervisors, OHS-officers, occupational health practitioners, HR and other role players. Occupational health practitioners will be able to adjust their pre-screening tests as well as their periodical medical exams to be more accurate.

OREPs serve as objective holistic benchmarks of the key inherent requirements and risks of a job-category and include in general::

  • The physical requirements of a job-category
  • Chemical exposures
  • Biological exposures
  • Exposures to dust
  • Required PPE.
  • Exposures to ergonomic risks.

Often these specifications in the ergonomic category are too vague and do not represent the actual exposure of the workers.

Ergofocus can aid in specifying the ergonomic hazards, according to legislation, norms, and international best practices. This will provide valuable information for occupational health practitioners as well as other role players (such as HR)  that are responsible for organising and/or conducting pre-employement and pre-placement medical examinations.

ErgoFocus (Pty) Ltd. can eliminate vage assumptions and provide OREP Specifications that are based on science.

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