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Fatigue Management

Fatigue management in South AfricaFatigue Management in South Africa


Fatigue is a state of declining alertness which eventually ends in sleep. Work-Related Fatigue can occur in situations where concentration for extended periods during work hours is needed, or by performing strenuous physical work, such as:

  • working in awkward working postures
  • working in temperature extremes
  • working in noisy environments
  • being exposed to vibration
  • being exposed to extended (night) shift work

Fatigue management in South AfricaIn South Africa, life factors (non work-related) also play a role, such as long commuting times, bad nutrition, impaired health, alcohol & drug abuse, and living conditions that do not promote a good rest between shifts. Fatigue management in South Africa & in the working environment, can effectively be managed through appropriate fatigue assessments implemented by ErgoFocus. 

Fatigued workers do not perform well, are less productive, and are more likely to have accidents and injuries. Fatigue affects the ability to think clearly. As a result, people who are fatigued are not good at recognising their own level of impairment, and can be unaware that they are not functioning at their best.

Shift work is particularly hazardous, as often you are required to drive at night, at a time when your body is programmed to be asleep. Shift workers are six times more likely to be involved in a fatigue-related road accident than any other workers. Fatigued workers can be a significant hazard.

Fatigue inhibits normal function, thus reducing productivity, reducing an employee’s health and most importantly, COMPROMISING SAFETY!

Services offered by ErgoFocus

ErgoFocus offers a validated system for fatigue assessment, fatigue risk identification, and fatigue risk mitigation strategies. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to manage fatigue-related risks. We make it easy to setup and maintain a fatigue risk assessment plan for large and small organisations to keep employees and workers performing at their best.

We also offer training on Fatigue Management, please click here for more information

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