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New Draft Ergonomic Regulations (Occupational Health and Safety Act)

The Minister has given notice of the new Draft Ergonomics Regulations and invited comment to be received in specified format by the end of April.

The regulations will focus on a comprehensive programme approach to manage primarily physical but also cognitive ergonomics in the workplace.


The new regulations apply to:

  • Any person who is exposed or may be exposed to ergonomic risk factors
  • Suppliers, Manufacturers and Designers

According to the DOL, a few issues within the regulations are left vague on purpose. This is done to see how stakeholders themselves would like to see how these issues are specified. The issues concerned (at a glance) are:

  • Definition of the ‘competent person’
  • The scope of cognitive risk factors.

The draft regulations are open for public comment (see specified form that is to be used in the regulations) until the end of April 2017

Click here to download the new draft regulations

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