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Based conveniently in Midrand, Gauteng, ErgoFocus offers various ergonomic services for the office and industry, performed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE).

Why Choose Us?

Ergonomics Consultancy in Johannesburg

ErgoFocus (Pty) Ltd provides services in a format which can be applied to all types of industry, big or small. Analysing workstations and processes can be done quickly and reliably.

Feedback information is easy to understand for the non-ergonomist, and is focussed on providing clients with practical and cost effective solutions.

All our services aim to ensure that a client complies with legislation, international best practices and safety management systems, such as the:

  • OSHAS 18001
  • DOL: Circular instruction 180 regarding the compensation of Work Related Upper Limb Disorders
  • ISO, ANSI & EN Norms
  • NIOSH guidelines
  • GBCSA (Green Building Council of SA, IN-IEQ-8 Ergonomics)
Esmeralda Kerlen is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), registered with the Professional Affairs Board (PAB) of the Ergonomics Society of South Africa (ESSA). This CPE certification guarantees that your ergonomics consultancy is performed by an offically accredited person, ensuring quality and legal compliance. 


Your ergonomics program can be integrated into your existing continuous improvement programs (e.g. 5S & 6 Sigma Lean Manufacturing).Ergonomic Consultants in Johannesburg - ErgoFocus

As the Ergonomics consultancy is based in  Johannesburg, ErgoFocus can advise a company on an ad hoc basis, project basis, or on a fixed term basis, ensuring quality in the development and continuity of your ergonomics program.

Our services can assist in achieving the goals of implementing Lean Manufacturing Systems such as 5S and 6 SIGMA, by identifying ’Operational Mis-Matches and Possible Waste Aspects in Production.’

Value added factors to our services:

  • Projects and training programs usually involve personal attention paid to the employee, which increases their morale.
  • Projects and training programs usually occur on the actual work floor, resulting in on site evaluation of the problems.
  • Work undertaken is conducted or reviewed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE).

These can then be turned into practical solutions.

  • While performing our projects, usually no loss of productivity is experienced. Work activities continue uninterrupted.
  • Whenever necessary, in consultation with the client, appropriate expertise will be sourced to analyse specific issues, utilising our contacts with an extensive network of professionals.
  • Tailored services are offered to suit a company’s needs, and budget.
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