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Based conveniently in Midrand, Gauteng, ErgoFocus offers various ergonomic services for the office and industry, performed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE).

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Ergonomics Consultants

Established in 2013 and based in Johannesburg, ErgoFocus (Pty) Ltd. aims to assist companies with our ergonomic services in a practical, easy to understand, and solution driven manner.

Quantifying ergonomic stressors results in the successful application of ergonomics to industrial and office environments and also to equipment, machinery and tools.

Applying ergonomic principles will benefit the company, as employees can improve their efficiencies and comforts, thus making fewer errors, and improve safety. A higher productivity combined with a reduced employee downtime usually results in an excellent return on investment.



Director: Esmeralda Kerlen, CPE (Certified Professional Ergonomist)

Ergonomics Consultants in South Africa

Esmeralda has the unique combination of a Human Kinetics Engineering Degree, which combines traditional engineering with insight into the human body, and 10+ years experience in dealing with ergonomics in Africa and Europe. This allows her to not only offer her clients ergonomic skills, but be able to combine it with practical engineered solutions, especially in industrial environments. 

After finishing her B.Eng. degree in Human Kinetic Technology in the Netherlands, Esmeralda worked for approximately 2 years as an occupational health and safety consultant in Leiden. Here she was trained in occupational health and safety legislation and in the practical implementation thereof. Being exposed to all aspects within her consultancy work, Esmeralda soon discovered that her passion was in ergonomic related issues.

After immigrating to South Africa, she gained invaluable experience in various industries regarding the subject as an ergonomics consultant, trainer and manager. Her combination of education and relevant experience in ergonomics has enabled her to be accredited by the professional affairs board of ESSA as a CPE (certified professional ergonomist).  Her aim is to further promote ergonomics and its benefits in South Africa, and to the rest of Africa.

A B.Eng. in Human Kinetic Technology has the unique ability, to know as much between the differences in grease and bearings, as between the differences in joints & synovial fluid.
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Core Services...

Industrial Ergonomics


The clear identification of risks and providing practical solutions to solve each risk area and showing an estimated quantified reduction after implementing the suggested...

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Office Ergonomics


Implementing ergonomics and ergonomic equipment increases an employee’s “comfort which in turn leads to a more productive and...”

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Wellness Management


ErgoFocus can tailor various ergonomic programs to include in your company’s wellness days that can consist of a combination of the following...

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Training Ergonomics


An ergonomic program’s success is predicated on an organisation’s ability to transfer knowledge to it's employees. We pride ourselves on our ability to...

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Fatigue Management


Fatigued workers don’t perform as well, are less productive, and are more likely to have accidents and injuries. Fatigue affects the ability to think clearly.

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